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Our Clinic in Weston, Florida


  1495 North Park Drive
Weston, FL 33326

  (954) 828-0425
  (954) 241-6726

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Monday to Friday:
8am to 7pm
8am to 12pm

About Weston

Weston is located in southwestern Broward County, Florida. Born in 1996, the city is adjacent to the Everglades and is ranked 1st as the best place to live in the state of Florida. It was recently named by Family Circle Magazine one of the Ten Best Towns for Families for 2015.

Visually distinctive, Weston's extensive landscaping is one of the city's greatest assets, with rows of Royal palm trees lining the ways throughout the city. In fact, you will find a lot of greenery on your way to the T4K Adults clinic. Exit I75 and take Royal Palm Blvd westward, make a right on Weston Road, and another right to N. Commercial Parkway. Our qualified therapists are there, waiting for you.